Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby No More

Tonight, I talked with my sister and niece on Skype.  As a two year old, she has finally insisted on not being called Baby anymore and I am trying to learn to follow suit.  Here are some of the things that had me and her mom laughing. 

The Niece: Happy Birthday Dora!  Happy Birthday Dora! Happy Birthday Dora!
Me: Whose birthday is next?
The Niece: <gives me a confused look>
Sister: Daddy.
The Niece: No...
Sister: Yes, his birthday is in October.
The Niece: No birthday.
Sister: Can't mommies and daddies have birthdays?
The Niece: No Happy Birthday!  No Happy Birthday!
Sister: I don't have a birthday?
The Niece: No Happy Birthday!
Sister: What about Erin?
The Niece: No Happy Birthday!
Sister: What about Nolan [boy from daycare]
The Niece: Happy Birthday!
Sister: What about [names other kid in daycare]?
The Niece: Happy Birthday!

So, adults can't have birthdays - only kids and cartoon characters.

In other news, my niece is now obsessed with the color purple.  She even asked her mom to go to a purple store on Saturday.

She also likes dance class and swimming at the pool (which she calls 'cool')  and when she does something she's proud of, she solicits her own "High Five!"

And, if it's even possible, she's even prettier than the last time I saw her.  

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