Sunday, September 16, 2012


Funny conversations of the day:

After church with some brethren who gather to ask my opinion about the meaning of a facebook message before it ventured to other topics. (sorry, I don't know names - we're going to go with Brother 1, 2 and 3) 
Brother 1: Brother 2 here says that he thinks he needs to get a foreign girlfriend to learn how to speak English better.
Me: Yes.  I have heard that is the best way to learn a language - to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend who speaks that language.  That's what I need to learn Japanese.
Brethren (in shock): You have a Japanese boyfriend?!
Me:  No.  If I had a Japanese boyfriend, wouldn't I be able to speak some Japanese by now?
Brother 3 (motioning): Brother 2 wants an American girlfriend and you want a Japanese boyfriend...<hint, hint>
Brother 2: Oh, umm...I need to prepare for my mission. 
Me: Hahahahaha. 

Before the CES Broadcast, I was sitting in the chapel with some people.  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was singing hymns as usual but every so often it would be interrupted by a very American accent (and dare I say, Utah accent) that said, "Japanese".  The disjointedness of the situation had me chuckling every time.  (Brother 1 is the same brother as before then there are two men who not only looked and dressed and acted alike but also switched places on their pew enough that I couldn't tell them apart so I will call them Twin 1 and Twin 2)

Brother 1: Sister Erin, why do you always laugh when "Japanese" is said.  Is the pronunciation wrong?
Me: No, sorry.  It's because we're listening to some beautiful spiritual song by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and then suddenly it's interrupted by simply, "Japanese." 
Brother 1: Oh.
Me: I think in English, they say "This is the English channel" which is at least less random. 
Brother: No, when I set it up for an English broadcast, it just says "English." 
Me: Oh, then maybe that's an American thing. 

In any case, the rest of the time, whenever it came on, everyone else in the room would start laughing with me.  The twins behind me would repeat it in perfect imitation of accent and tone. 

Twin 1: How often do you think they say, "Japanese"?  When do you think they'll say it next?
Twin 2: I think they'll say it at the 12 minute mark. 
Twin 1: Really?  I bet you it will happen at the 13 minute mark.   
<They listen carefully but the picture goes out so Twin 1 jumps up to check on it)
Twin 2:  Hahahaha. 
Twin 1: <coming back in the room> When did it happen? 
Twin 2: I think it was at 13 minutes.
Twin 1: I won! 
 <That got us all interested in how often it happened.  Turns out it was every minute at the 22nd second>

 On the way home, some random man walking next to me looked over and saw me.  Then he smiled and started speaking in English. 
Man: Hey, where are you from?
Me: America.
Man: Which part?
Me: Virginia.
Man: <thinking aloud> West Virginia?
Me: No, just Virginia. 
Man: Oh.  Are you a student?
Me: はい、そうです.  (trans: Yes, I am)
Man: Do you speak Japanese?
Me: No.
Man: You live in Japan but you don't speak Japanese?
Me: I've only been here two months.
Man: What Japanese food do you like?
Me: All Japanese foods.
Man: Natto?
Me: 好き. (trans: I like it) 
Man: Really?  Natto?
Me: Yes. 
Man: You are a funny American. 

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