Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In Between

Today, for lunch, Sakai-san and Suwa-san took me to a Chinese restaurant.  I ordered the Mapo Tofu and it tasted just like the Mapo Tofu I've eaten in Japan and not like the Chinese Mapo Tofu that I eat elsewhere (i.e. Taiwan, Taiwanese owned restaurants).
Me: So, that restaurant was owned by Japanese people?
Suwa-san: Yes, of course.
Me: Ahhh...Did you know that in America, a lot of Japanese restaurants are run by Chinese people?  I was trying to think of where I could get good authentic Japanese food in Charlottesville and all the places I could think of were owned by Chinese people.
Suwa-san: But how can that be?!  Chinese food is nothing like Japanese food.  How can they cook it right?
Me: <thinking to myself> And now we understand my experience at your Chinese restaurant today.

Suwa-san: Who is your favorite soccer player?
Me: Hasebe Makoto.
Suwa-san: Hahaha.  Why do you like him?  Because he's handsome?
Me: I don't actually know why I like him.  Maybe it's because he plays fair.
Suwa-san: Ah yes.  He is truly a gentleman.

Sakai-san: American's women's national team is very good.
Me: Yes, they are.
Suwa-san: Wambach.
Me: Yes, I certainly love Abby Wambach.  Hope Solo - a lot of guys in the US like her because she's pretty.
Sakai-san: Yes, I know that...
Me: <thinking to myself> Man, that Hope Solo is just absolutely gorgeous. 
Sakai-san: ...But I don't think so.
Me: You don't think she's pretty?
Sakai-san: To me, no.
Me: !!!

They asked me about part-time jobs in America and I asked them about part-time jobs in Japan.  It seems we've all had our share of work at menial labor jobs for little pay.  However, my $6/hr job at Pizza Hut was the lowest paying job among any of us. 
Sakai-san: I worked at a cafe - Starbucks.  Have you heard of it?
Me: <laughing> Yes, I think I have.  So, you know how to make all the different kinds of coffee?
Sakai-san: Yes, and I can even make a heart and a rabbit in the foam.
Me: Really?  Sugoi!


It turns out that our wind tunnel building is haunted by ghosts.
Me: Really?  Ghosts? 
Sakai-san: I have never seen them but I have definitely felt their presence.
Me: <thinking to myself>  Wow, between your lab and mine, I think we have a real horror movie on our hands. 

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