Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can't Turn Back Now

I got my haircut today.  It was long overdue.

And since it was so long overdue, I went a bit extreme and chopped it all off.  Then I got haircut remorse when I took a picture and realized I looked like a guy.

And then my camera broke.

I don't know what's wrong.  The app on the phone just doesn't work anymore.

So I pulled out the camera on my computer and just about went to town.

You can see it for yourself.


  1. You should dress like Audrey Hepburn. Also, did you try turning off your phone and then back on again? That usually works for me when the camera stops working.

  2. you don't look like a guy. you look like a girl!

  3. I agree with everyone else and I really like it Erin! You look so beautiful!