Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet Thursday

You can't follow up a bad Tuesday without a Sweet Thursday thanks to John Steinbeck.

These are the things that made my day sweet:

(1) I actually am starting to sleep normal hours again and I wake up without a cough.

(2) I talked with Noda-san in my lab today and found that while I was in Japan, my reputation preceded me.  He kept hearing about me from different sources before he actually ran into me again.  As Noda-san put it, "Hearing about an American girl visiting Kakuda Space Center from the University of Virginia suddenly made my world feel very small."  I love having someone to talk with about Sendai and Japan.  It keeps my world small too.

(3) flumpool.  I heart them.  And they now have a music video where they sing in Chinese.  I'm in love.

(4) SNOW!  I loved every minute of it.

(5) I attended a seminar today - yep, despite all the setbacks, I'm still in the right field.  Engineering is pretty awesome.

(6) I went to the bookstore and a friend even came to meet me to help me pick out books for another friend.  While there, we found a 2013 calendar of the world's most eligible bachelor royalties and we couldn't NOT buy it (for a friend of course)  (I promise, not for me)  (But yes, I did give it to a good friend who I plan on seeing a lot of this year)

How hilarious is this?  On sale at  (Images from

(7) I visited with a few friends who I haven't seen in a while.

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