Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19th

I love this xkcd comic.  It reminds me that sometimes, peer pressure is a good thing.

Today, I learned something about myself.  I need people.  When I spend too much time thinking about my own life, I freak out: What am I doing?! Life is hard!  Everyone's lives are so hard!  Why are we all struggling??

But then I run into a friend who tells me she's going to see Secretary Kerry give his first public policy speech tomorrow.  Or I see a group of professors recently come from China who look like they could use some directions and find myself welcomed to China instead.  And I go to English class and realize how amazing my students are for putting up with Shakespearean sonnets.  And then I babysit a friend's baby who enjoys spending time with me.  Or I get a ride from a man from my lab on my way back up the hill in the rain.

When I'm with people and look in their faces and their eyes, I see excitement and hope and optimism for the future.  And I forget about the demons and the dark clouds.

Thank you, people, for making my Tuesday.

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