Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Guessing Games

Watching Baby put on shoes:
Sister: Wrong foot!  You know, you'd think the odds of a kid putting the shoe on the wrong foot would be 50/50.  It's more like 90/10.

Looking at fruit in the grocery store:
Me: <pointing to apples> What are these?
Baby: Apples.
Me: Good job!  <pointing to oranges> What are these?
Baby: Apples
Me: Nope, they're oranges.  <pointing to limes> What are these?
Baby: Carrots!

Playing with her toys:
Me: What is that?
Baby: <hands me a bear that has a green jewel on it>
Me: Hmm...<I turn it over> Oh!  It's your birth month!
Baby: No, it's not.  It's a bear!

Me: Who is that? <pointing to her backpack>
Baby: It's Dora!
Me: Who's her friend?
Baby: Boots.
Me: And who is Erin's favorite character?
Baby: Green!

Baby: I'm bigger than Mommy.
Me: You're bigger than Mommy?
Baby: Yep!  I'm bigger than Erin too.
Me: Oh, really?
Sister: Yesterday, she said she was as big as Mommy.
Me: Ohhhhh.

Me: Wow, Baby you jump as high as Mommy!
Baby: Mommy needs to jump.
Sister: No, I'm cooking.
Baby: Mommy, I really want you to jump please.
Sister: Ok.  Here I go.  <jumps>
Baby: <claps her hands> Yay!

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