Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Doll

"I'll send you a pic," my sister promised me today after telling me that my niece was wearing the outfit I bought for her in Japan.

Buying the clothes had been quite an experience.  While navigating my way to the proper department in the nine-floor store, I ran into a cute couple from church.  Quite oblivious to most things, I naturally assumed they were married.  The elders straightened me out on this a few hours later - turns out they had just started dating.  But of course, not knowing the truth, I asked all sorts of questions, like if they had any kids and if they commuted to work together (since they both worked) etc.  

So, off we went, the non-married couple that I thought were married and I, to go find clothes for babies even though none of us had any.  I looked at the baby clothes and realized that sizes were completely different.  80?  140?  What does this mean?  Oh, but then they also include weights: 11kg, 7 kg.  I could do the conversion in my head to lbs but I felt really dumb - I had absolutely no idea how much babies weigh at certain times.  How heavy was my 2 year old niece?  How tall was she?  I hadn't seen her in a few months and they grow so quickly!  I reached for my phone to call my sister and realized that I couldn't.  Not only would it cost a lot but it was 4 am her time.  Instead, I turned to my new friends and smiled, "Umm... One of my nieces likes purple.  Let's get something purple.  The other niece isn't born yet.  Let's just get her something warm and cute."

We picked out a few outfits that we all loved (including the man) and just went with that.  I crossed my fingers it would all work out.

The result?

She looks just like a doll!  If I didn't trust my sister (and I do) I could just have easily assumed she propped Baby's Christmas present on the couch in the Japanese outfit and taken pictures.

Don't these pictures make you want to love my niece forever?  Yep, she's a keeper.

... Definitely better than anything I envisioned in that department store.

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