Friday, March 1, 2013


It's apparently a holiday in my lab but I'm not sure which one.

Only half of the usual people showed up today and everyone else left before 3 pm.

Which meant that I was left alone.

So, what did I do?

I cranked up the music and rocked out to my heart's content.

Here's what I listened to today:

Clock Strikes by One Ok Rock.

Their latest single in anticipation of an album release next week.  I love the rock and the seemingly angry chords and energy.  However, when you read the lyrics, you realize that One Ok Rock is not just mad at the world but probing into the meaning of it.  This one touches on the idea of hating eternity but how the idea eternity is necessary for our dreams and hopes to be fulfilled.  This is an interesting twist since I am a person terrified of the idea of eternity.

Answer is Near by One Ok Rock.

An older song by this group, for some reason it seemed a fitting follow-up to Clock Strikes.  I listened to this song almost non-stop a few weeks ago when I was frustrated with my research and it was an awesome screaming song.  Then I went and looked up the lyrics and realized it was a song about how we have all these questions and not a lot of satisfying answers but that deep down, we know what is right and what is wrong and the answer has been within us all along.  I took the words to heart and decided to start figuring out for myself what was best for me.

Go by Super Junior M

I saw this trending in the Kpop world and thought I'd take a listen and then I couldn't stop.  The song is fun and bouncy and the dance is a ton of fun too.  Siwon looks thrilled to be dancing a song that he can manage. Kyu's English is enough to turn my head.  The fact that he looks like Ashin right before the English part helps his cause. Henry rocks the song and Zhou Mi's perfect Chinese is music to my ears.  :)

OAOA by flumpool
Mayday's OAOA is now in Japanese and sung by my dear band flumpool.  It's not as hilarious as the Chinese verision (although the random "telescope" is confusing) but I still have no idea what OAOA means.  In any case, I adore flumpool and love supporting all of their efforts to connect with their Chinese speaking fans.


  1. Terrified of eternity? Have I lent you A Short Stay in Hell yet? (Sorry if I did and just forgot.) Because I wasn't terrified of eternity... until I read that novella. Here's one recent discussion of it.

    1. Are you trying to make more MORE scared of eternity? I seriously hyperventilate when I think about it. If You Could Hie to Kolob gives me nightmares.