Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boys over Flowers...

Dear F4 Apartment ,

Did my life turn into a Korean drama?  Did I get a red card in my locker from you?  Well, as it usually goes, you give me the red card and everyone else makes my life miserable.  But you see, I moved to Mormon Row and the real F4 are, despite my initial impressions, far too nice to pull such a prank.  So you decided to take things into your own hands.  I see how it goes.

First there was the smoke detector - going off just as I was ready to get to work.  No problem - we can just turn it off.  But no, you insisted on going off nonstop until we decided it was necessary to pull out the battery.  So we pull off the cover and what do we see?  Cardboard telling us that our smoke detector contained radioactive elements and enough wires for us to realize that it was wired into the ceiling.  How long has that been there?!  The 60's?!  Do you know what it took to stop that little prank of yours?  We had to turn off the breaker for all upstairs power.  And then you went off again today.  

This lovely piece of work belongs in a museum

But you really outdid yourself with last night's prank.  Just as I had turned off the light and was settling into sleep, who should come into the parking lot but some man driving a large and loud souped up truck.  And then he proceeded to stand outside and yell the same profanity over and over until I wondered if the man had ever learned another word in his life...until I realized that the loud beat accompanying was a song whose words were the exact same as the words this man was demanding.  Needless to say, with the man yelling or Karaoke-ing or whatever it was he was doing outside our apartment, sleep was not forthcoming.

Most people could never manage past a week after receiving the red card without finally just leaving and giving up.  But not the main character of the  That's right.  You can give me whatever you can dish out and I will just take it and insist on living there.  You can't scare me!!! Take that!

Because despite your best efforts, I still love you, right down to your creaky floors and drafty doors.  And in time, don't you see, you too will come to love me.  And you'll do all sorts of things to keep me near your side, such as buying me nice cell phones and trips to exotic islands, or impressing me with your own private formula  car racetrack and hockey rink, not to mention your Lotus Europa S (yes please).  And if you would like, I'll take one of those men they always show off in the kdrama- just make him dangerous: considerate, independent, handsome and single.


F4 in their private soccer stadium
P.S. Tonight is Bar Review? I will not be intimidated.

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  1. That fire alarm is kinda cool looking.... Maybe I'll start a museum and put it in there.