Friday, October 1, 2010

Its the little adventures

Dear Self,

Do you remember that time that you and Melissa took an activity bus from Virginia, driving through the night to make it up to Maine by 9 am the next day?  And how you attended church with the Merrells in Boston?  And played the piano for their choir musical number?  Do you remember how you don't actually remember much of NYC because you were driving aforementioned bus on all those complicated roads and byways?

And then there's the time that you and Katie decided to make that 80 mile bike trip from Provo to Ogden.  Do you remember the early hour you left when friends got up with you to bid you a safe trip?  Do you remember crashing at lunch time on Temple Square and your exhaustion overcame any qualms you had about being there in your sweat covered clothes with your meager meal of crackers and water?  And how surprisingly the mountain was easier than the level section heading into Ogden?  And how the very first thing Doug said to you when he saw you at the end was, "I'm so glad I didn't do this with you"?

Do you remember yesterday how you traveled to Richmond twice in one day to pick up friends from airports?  And how the only times that there was torrential downpour was while you were on the road?  Do you remember those long hours when you just thanked whatever civil engineers in the world built amazing roads?  And how you found that Super Junior and CNBlue make good travel buddies but good friends make the best travel buddies?

Good times.


Sky over Charlottesville, VA
View of Richmond airport from my side view mirror


  1. I like these stories.
    Shinee is also a good travel buddy.

  2. I should take a trip with Shinee sometime. What album should I get?