Monday, October 4, 2010

What Dreams are Made Of?

Dear Subconscious,

I know that you don't like to make up fantastical things - I don't ever remember being able to fly or jump over buildings in my dreams.  And conversations with people are usually pretty true to their real character.  But despite that, I didn't have much reason to complain.  You did give me that dream where the prophet told me I had to get married by the end of the day and I spent my time running around talking with all the guys I knew and trying to figure out if I could marry any of them.  And then there was the dream where I lived a Mission: Impossible type dream where I was being chased by men in risk of losing my life and found that my mole had been my 'loyal' chauffeur who terrified me by pulling a gun on me when I thought I was finally free.  Of course there was that winner dream where I was sister to SJ's  Ki Bum and he had to come save me from the crowds of some big city by riding on the back of his motorcycle because  I was the 14th member of the band and I needed to get to the concert in time.  Of course as the 14th member of a boy band that meant that I needed to pretend I was a boy so I spent the rest of the dream trying to find a way to dress in the women's restroom without letting any of the fans know that I was a girl...I don't think I ever made it to the concert.  Do you know how many 13 year old girls need to use the restroom before a concert?  But still I didn't complain.  Those dreams were all fascinating in their own way.  Where do you come up with this stuff?  I always wondered.

But lately, you have been letting me down.  Now granted it was entertaining a few weeks ago, when I dreamed that I was going to be late for my job at Gap and I asked my roommate to give me a ride but she refused.  I was really upset that I was going to be so late until I remembered that I didn't actually HAVE a job at Gap and woke up to go to my real job at the ARL.  (Is it possible you actually WANT a job at the Gap over rocket science glory?)

But today takes the cake!  There I was, in my dream of course, opening up my wardrobe to grab a pair of socks to wear to work and I found the missing sock to a pair and I was thrilled because in my previous dream I HAD BEEN FOLDING SOCKS AND FOUND ONE SOCK MISSING.  Really?! That's what I do in my dreams?  I FOLD SOCKS?!!

Disgruntled doesn't even begin to describe it.


I apparently don't have a lot of pictures of beds or sleeping.  And I don't think I have ANY pictures of me folding socks.  Who does that?
My wonderful bed in Taroko, Taiwan
My wonderful bed in Taipei, Taiwan 


  1. Dreams about folding socks... that's pretty classic. And finding the missing one?
    I'm really excited about where your subconscious is headed. Although the Suju dream was pretty awesome.

  2. You know, I often study in my dreams. Sometimes it is utterly useless (I get all restless and nightmarishly freaked out because I can't get this unsolvable and imaginary calculation to work out just right) but sometimes I actually wake up having reviewed real information for a real exam and feel like I may even do better because of it. Of course, the rest of my dreams are full of venomous hummingbirds and talking shoes and riding sheep to California, so the mundane isn't exactly common here.

    Enjoy folding socks!