Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Riding with Hitler

Dear 長谷部Katoさん,

You and I have come to know each other pretty well.  I know that you panic at the sight of snow and no wonder with your last winter.  (On second thought, aren't you from Wolfsburg Germany?)  And it's the end of the world for you when you get low on gas but not when your emergency brake is on.  I know that you get touchy on windy days.

Of  course you have learned some of my quirks as well.  Such as the fact that I often spend hours in absolute silence.  And that my stomach lurches at the sight or thought of deer.  You know that late at night, I prefer Korean music but on nights back from DC I prefer Khalil Fong.  More than anyone else in my life, you have listened with me to my Asian music over and over and over and over without complaint.  You have heard my frustrations, my dreams, my fears, my questions and my hopes.

You are the most faithful little friend a person could ask for and you always get me home safely even during that snow that you despise or those late windy and rainy days when you and I both wish we weren't on the road.

In the past two months, you and I have gone to Charlotte, NC 3 times, to Washington, DC 7 times, to Richmond twice and once to that random corner of Maryland between West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  5000 miles, over 80 hours together and mostly just us (and Hitler if we're using Beato's counting method).  We're both getting ragged and peaked around the edges.  While I am amazed that I have not tired of your company, eating up the road as our means of spending time together is rather losing some of its charm.  How about we try some other activities - movie watching or simply meandering down 29?

I've always wanted to know why there is a historic marker in Manassas entitled 'Rock Fight!'



Currently reading: Made in America: An Informal History of the English Language in the United States by Bill Bryson
Currently noticing: 城堡 Chéngbǎo - Castle
Currently listening: Hello by SHINee (Does anyone else think Primary song?)

Why Kato hates snow!


  1. Kato has been doing so well, considering what we've put him through, like that wild dash up snow-covered Bennington Road in several feet of ice and snow, in the middle of the night, James and I running in your dust in case you get stuck mid-slope...Aren't we so glad that we live on a major road now and can actually expect it to be cleared within a day or two? Kato should be thrilled.