Friday, November 12, 2010

For my dissertation, I propose to speed up time...

Dear Time,

We had a debate about you last night.  My friend, Lissa, insisted that I figure out some way to speed up time.  We had half an hour before rehearsal started and she had nothing to do and she didn't want to keep waiting around for it.  So we decided to add it to my dissertation topic: figure out the equations to jump time ahead.  And we went enthusiastically along with the idea.  The conversation ended though with her demand, "Erin, whatever you do, don't you EVER stop time."  

Except sometimes that's exactly what I want to do.  

i.e. When I realize that I am getting more white hair in my head that I would like to admit
i.e. When I discover that 20 minute halves in intramural soccer games are wearing me out. 
i.e. When I find at the end of the day that I am not entirely sure that I accomplished ANYTHING
i.e. When I'm with my family and I have to go and I wish we had time for one more hug, one more long conversation...
i.e. When my roommates and I sit at the table after eating a fabulous dinner and we just chat for hours
i.e. When the trees and the sky are so beautiful that I wish I could explore the world over just as it is as that moment
i.e. When I am with my friends and we just can't stop laughing over silly little nothings
i.e. When I meet a new friend who will only be in my life for a short time
i.e. When I realize that the wonderful moments of NOW will never return


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