Monday, November 8, 2010

Snapshots of the weekend

Dear Self,

Lest you forget...

Do you remember showing up at 10:30 pm at the Huntwood house only to have one Peter completely confused and to leave the other Peter confused because of a random text message from a number you didn't have saved in your phone asking you to do a favor?  Not sketchy enough to be too unsafe, just sketchy enough to make for a good story.

Do you remember that time that you helped throw a tea party for your friends Emily and Colleen?  Emily spent most of the party running around exclaiming that this was her first tea party! but refused all offers of the tea.  Meanwhile, the adults tried to figure out what actually happens at tea parties while avoiding politics - so instead we told stories of our childhood.  Its hilarious to tell undignified stories while sitting around properly drinking tea from tea cups with hats of every variety atop our heads.
The tea party spread, by Kendra Ogzewalla
Do you remember gloriously spending a quiet Saturday evening on the couch, eating up the story of A Scarlet Pimpernel?  When was the last time you spent an evening just reading?

Do you remember Sunday's wonderful busyness as you and your roommates and friends managed to simultaneously prepare snickerdoodles; apple dumplings; chick pea, spinach and potato soup; homemade Italian tomato sauce; pasta; and risotto?  It was a blur of running between cutting onions, coring apples, stirring tomatoes and begging Aaraina to taste the sauce once again since you were fasting and couldn't taste it yourself.

Times like this remind you of the sweetness of life.  But also, you need to find your camera soon.



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