Monday, November 29, 2010


Mountain Lake Biological Station, August 2009
I went to a bookstore on Saturday evening and bought 11 books.  Two of them were books I had read before and just wanted to own.  8 of them dealt with Asian issues.

Every Sunday, I spend my morning twisting my hair around my finger and thinking about my life.  I get ready while thinking about the Saints in Taiwan.  I spend the 5 minute car ride to church panicking about the things I have failed to do that week.  I spend the first hour in church near tears about the enormous responsibility of being a member of the kingdom of God.  By the end of Sunday I have forgotten that the load I carry is too heavy to bear.

I keep thinking tomorrow is the day that I get to go to the temple.  And then I remember it's a 5th Tuesday.

The South Korean/Taiwan argument leaves me feeling confused.  

The South Korean/North Korean/China/US military skirmish leaves me feeling vulnerable.

Did you know that 'fun' is a noun?  I've never thought about its place in the grammar world before yesterday.  But it is most decidedly a noun.  Like 'love'.  Or 'hope'.

I really like the Dominoes Mexican Train game.  The more I play, the bigger the gap I lose by.  And yet, shuffling all the dominoes reminds me of friends and good conversation and I wonder if this is why people like mahjong.

I wish I knew what happened to my short story entitled, The Egg.  It was possibly the closest I have ever come to a good story or pretend good literature.  Watching Wongfu Productions' movies makes me think that it would make a good movie too.

What constitutes some great thing?  I think I keep hoping that I will accomplish some great thing in my life.  But I barely can handle the little things... like eating lunch or eating breakfast... or doing my laundry... or figuring out how to create a dll...

Makoto didn't play yesterday.  And his team didn't win.  They just tied AGAIN.

Kato got pulled over on Wednesday by a really nice cop who tried to make small talk.  It's a little unnerving for a cop to tell you he is familiar with your street when you are 3 hours away from home.  Especially when you don't know if he's just about to hand you a ticket.

Although I lead a busy life that has its daily random adventures, I secretly wish I was a creature of habit who spends her evenings cooking meals, doing laundry and dishes and ends up curled up with a good book.

I miss Asia every day.  I wish I didn't.  I wish I could turn off my heart.  And my thoughts.



  1. Erin, I love you. did you get a ticket? That would not have been a fun time. Not getting a ticket sounds much funner. :-p

  2. If you were a creature of habit, you would wish you had random adventures.

  3. Kendra - no ticket! Just a kind reminder.

    Isa - Do you think creatures of habit have ridiculously large pictures of Hasebe on their walls posing as calendars? Otherwise, my dream might have to wait until 2012. :)