Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Track

Dear Red Asics Man,

I never got up the courage to say it but I think that the way you sprint is just beautiful.  I could watch you all day.  In fact, I did watch you for a while until I thought you might get freaked out by it so then I went and watched the biker coast around the bike track for a few minutes before returning.  (The biker wasn't freaked out though - he smiled at me every time he went around and even waved)  Then I ran four laps around the park and after each lap, I checked to see you still there, still working on your form and technique.  Over and over again you practiced that same two hundred meters.  Aside from telling you that the way you run is beautiful, I would like to add three other things.  (1) Ganbatte!  (2) Don't give up.  (3) You'll make it.


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