Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tokyo, Day One

On Saturday, my sister and I headed down to Tokyo.  It was a nice, leisurely bus ride down during which both my sister and I finished the books we were reading.  

Then, we got off at Shinjuku and were met by hundreds and hundreds of people.  It was such a shock that we both stopped to take pictures but as you can see below, I got more of a picture of my sister than of any overwhelming mass of people.  
After dinner, we found our way to our hostel in Asakusa where we walked around.  

When I realized that the Samurai Blue soccer game was on, I was intrigued but kept insisting that it was okay if we didn't stop to watch it.  After passing yet another bar in which I was craning my head to check the score of the game, my sister announced that we were going to stop and watch the rest of the game.

As we settled into our seats, realized that we only had a few minutes of the game anyway and we were up 3-0, I had to laugh.  There I was, in a bar, sipping on ice water and awaiting my order of chocolate ice cream, all because it was worth it enough to watch even a few minutes of my favorite soccer team.

The people were incredibly nice to us but seemed to welcome us even more when they realized that we actually knew the players on the team.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the man watching the game with his beer next to us pretty much decided we some pretty awesome American girls and every time I glanced his way, he smiled at me with a nod that seemed to say, "You're alright in my book."

The end of the story is that my sister now has a new "future husband" - the captain of the team.  No, it's not Hasebe-san.  It's Yoshida-san.  Even across the world, some things stay the same.  :)

Then we found the Tokyo Skytree.  It was extremely expensive to go up it so we just wandered around the base of it with lots of other people and took pictures.  Unfortunately, the Skytree looks a lot better in real life than in any of the pictures we took.

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