Monday, August 13, 2012


Just about every year, Super Junior puts out a new album.  Most of the time, their title song takes a number of listen-throughs before I start to like it and much longer than that before I enjoy it.

For example, Sorry, Sorry - the song that rocketed them to an almost permanent number one spot on the Taiwan music charts since (although I'm not sure about the source of these charts) took a number of times for me to listen to it before I liked it.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the first time I listened to it, I just laughed at it.  I even went and showed it to my roommate so she could laugh at it too.  Several months later, I gave it another try and I was hooked.

About a month, however, after Super Junior releases a new album, they release a "repackage album" (I will forever feel the need to put a 'd' after "repackage").  This album includes all the songs of the original album but includes a few bonus tracks and one new featured song that gets its own music video and subsequent performances on the music shows in Korea.  I usually like those new songs the very first time I hear them.  For the third album it was Neorago, for the fourth album it was No Other (which honestly saved the whole album for me even though I now like all of it) and for the fifth album it was A-cha which the exception to this trend.  (But every rule must have its exceptions).

Surprisingly, I liked the sixth album Super Junior title track pretty quickly but true to the funny rule of repackage albums, I loved their newest featured song, Spy.  You really can't go wrong with putting those men in tuxes and having them run around stage pretending they are cool spies just adds to their appeal.  Leeteuk's hair though...

In other news, I met two men yesterday who are hitchhiking their way through Japan.  One of their summarized it as follows, "So, you're going to the country with the best public transportation in the entire world and you're going to hitchhike?"  Yep.  That's about right.

But we got to wondering - which would be safer - hitchhiking in America or Europe?  We really couldn't figure it out and decided that both were pretty risky.

Dear Self,

When you open your fridge and find that you are out of space because you have a bunch of opened but not even partially finished bottles of soda and you end up just dumping them out rather than finishing them, I think it's safe to say you're not much of a soda person.  So please, stop buying it thinking that that is what you are craving when you are hot and thirsty.  It's not.  Do yourself the favor and buy water instead.


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