Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why So Good?

My playlist lately:

Drive By - Train

I listen to this song while I'm doing manual labor in the lab.  It's catchy and I don't mind putting it on repeat.

We are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

Thanks to Johnny Glass, I listened to this out of curiosity and it seemed to stick, although I'm not entirely sure how much I really like this song.

心醉心碎 - William Wei (This roughly translates to Head over Heels, Heartbroken but I wish I could find a better word to describe being absolutely in love with someone that is similar to the way it works in Chinese)

I adore this song but mostly I adore William Wei.  How is this man so awesome?  How is he not in my family?

Let Go - Magic Power
"Let Go, Let go of your memories, Let go of the world; it will stay just as it is.  There is enough of fortune and enough of scenery but only after you let go will it all become clear."

Magic Power is a hit/miss kind of group for me but I keep tabs on them because when they get a hit, the message of their music just amazes me.  This is one of those songs.  It came at a good time for me since I spend way too much of my time by myself and I do have quite the vivid imagination.

The Beginning - One OK Rock
Now that I'm in Japan, I like to see what is "popular" in my area.  This song came up last week and I ignored it and chose the vids about Shinji Kagawa instead.  But then I saw this group in the music store last night so I thought I'd give them a try.  These kids have a great sound.  I also really like their song C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.  I have no idea what that means so don't ask.

Let it Be - The Beatles
The awesome always-plays-Beatles-songs restaurant somewhat near my house was playing this song so I sat down and listened to the entire song and even sang along.  No one even gave me a second glance.

If you listen to this playlist, you go through the whole gambit of a happy relationship that gets complicated, ends and then the aftermath of picking up the pieces and learning to start again.

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