Monday, May 6, 2013

Dirty Elbows

For the past several weeks, it's been usual for me to return to my home on Friday, covered in oil from my shoulders down, and wearing soiled, smelly clothes that I would rather burn than wash.

Of course, after thoroughly scrubbing down my arms using dish detergent (best on oil), I shower and practically rub my skin raw using my nails and whatever else I can to scrub away the well-embedded dirt.  As it is, I walk around the rest of the weekend with slight marks all over my arms that look like fading bruises.

This has become so common that on Saturday, while eating my lunch, I noticed my knee looked bruised.  Then I touched it and it hurt.  "Wow, this oil spot looks like a bruise and feels like a bruise."  After a second, I realized that it was, in fact, a bruise.

Usually by Monday mornings, though, I'm perfectly clean once again.

Just in time to get dirty again.

After about 30 seconds of work on my pump, I'm already pretty dirty

Here is the view from my window now that the bars are gone.  Isn't it so nice?  Please kindly ignore the pressurized tanks and notice the GREEN.

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