Friday, May 10, 2013


On Sunday, Makoto Hasebe scored the equalizer for his team in a game against Hamburg, with a great assist from Ivan Perisic.  

After the game, his coach talked about the game and the players.  He said of meinlieblingsspieler, "Makoto ist unser Mister Hundertprozent zuverlässig."  I put the German here because somehow looking at those words in German is just fun.  Also, aside from that last word - which means reliable - it is completely understandable to the English speaker.  "Makoto is our Mr. 100% Reliable."

The words from his coach expressed exactly what I've been seeing the few seasons I've been watching him.  They conveyed a strong message: Hasebe is one of those players that you can trust.  He's consistently where he's supposed to be, doing what he's supposed to be doing.  If you give him a task, he will do it.  You don't have to worry about him.

As I've been basking this compliment all week on behalf of Hasebe, I've been thinking a lot about what people can say about us and what types of compliments we can hope to receive.  (I think Blue Castle refers to this as "tasting these compliments" - I like that idea.  The compliment never loses its savor.)

I think that being dependable and trustworthy (read: reliable) is one of the best ones I can think of.  Wouldn't that be great if my boss could say of me, "Erin is 100 % reliable"? Or if God could say that?  Or my family and friends?

"When I need her, she's there."  "When I ask her to do something, it's done."  "I just don't have to worry about her being where she needs to be."  "I trust her completely."

(I'm not fishing for compliments here and believe me, I know that I'm not perfect in this area.)

My resolve to do better is renewed.  

And Mr. Hasebe has inspired me once again, just like I knew he would.  :)  
Source: Vfl-Wolfsburg Webseite

On a slightly related note, Makoto on his blog reported that his teammates and coach have been teasing him all week, calling him a "goal getter"  which is such a clever play on the term "go-getter" that I can't help but chuckle.  (And also secretly wonder if his Japanese fan base understands the beauty of that pun)

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