Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rice Cereal Adventures

My newest niece is one optimistic little kid.  She has a bright outlook that just amazes me.  Here are some examples of that from this weekend.

(1) During church, she spent most of the meeting trying to eat the flowers on her mother's shirt.  She'd look at the flowers and pick at them with her hand and then pull them forward to put into her mouth.  Invariably, she would always end up chewing on her own hand, which she would happily do for quite a while.  Then she'd pull her hand out of her mouth and open it to look at the flowers only to find nothing there and then look completely shocked.  Undeterred, she'd start the whole process over again.

(2) At one point, I was taking care of her while her mom did something else so I took her in my room and set her on my bed so I could go pick up the teddy bear and moose I have.  I turned back to see her completely flopped over, her face planted into the futon.  I hurriedly ran over to pick her up and apologize - I didn't realize she couldn't sit up by herself yet.  However, she didn't complain at all or even fuss (in contrast to later, when I wanted to see her flip over and purposely put her on her stomach when she complained quite a lot).  She seemed to know it wasn't my intention.

(3) While walking back from my personal tour of UVa which ended up being a longer than anticipated walk, my niece woke up and was tired of being in the stroller so her mother started carrying her.  It was getting dark and chilly and surely, she had to be getting hungry and in need of a diaper change.  However, because my sister was carrying her, my niece only smiled.  In fact, it was such a big smile, my sister and I just laughed to see her.

(4) After dinner on Sunday night, we had brownies and ice cream for dessert.  My brother-in-law was holding my niece while he ate his portion.  Suddenly, we noticed that every time he got himself a spoonful of ice cream, she opened her mouth really wide like she was expecting him to give her a bite.  Her eyes would follow the spoon all the way into her daddy's mouth.  Rather than get frustrated that she wasn't getting any, she had this look on her face that seemed to say, "Oh, that bite was for Daddy.  The next bite must be for me!"  And then she'd open her mouth really wide again.  It was adorable and hilarious.  If it wasn't ice cream which she really can't have, we would have been tempted to share with her.  We think she thought it was for her because it was the same color as rice cereal that she gets to eat.  But she's never seen her Daddy eat rice cereal so we were quite taken back by her willingness to share or think that they should take turns.

(5) On Monday, while at the restaurant, she grabbed her mother's water glass and tipped it all over the table.  While we worried about the water and the ice she had pulled onto her herself, she just kicked her feet happily in the mess.  We watched her while we picked up the ice and then just laughed.

(6) Whenever my niece fell asleep and awoke to find herself in new surroundings, she would panic for a second before her parents showed their faces and she realized that she hadn't been abandoned in some random place.  While in the bookstore, she woke up and panicked for a moment and then her mom said her name and she settled down.  Just at that moment, a little boy stuck his face in the stroller and close to my niece, "Hey Mom!  There's a baby in here!"  He was so excited at this revelation and he didn't try to touch her or anything that we just chuckled at him and my niece didn't seem too ruffled by it at all. Later, in another store, she saw her mom and just started giggling in joy.  She was so excited to see her mother's face.  It's kind of adorable how much that baby really adores her mom.

Here are a few pictures of my adorable, optimistic niece.
She discovered books this week - she thinks they are for eating

She likes grabbing for everything

Look at those baby blue eyes but we think they are here to stay - she has her mother's eyes

Sleeping Beauty 

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  1. AWWW SO CUTE. I want to see Naomi and hold her and play with her too. :(