Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Comes for Dinner

Baby stopped by with her mother yesterday on the way back home from a race in the mountains.  My sister had had a rough weekend camping and running on washed out trails in rainy weather.  Baby had absolutely no complaints.

Baby is growing up so fast.  She uses almost perfect grammar and has a very good memory.  When she was playing with my mini soccer ball, I told her to go get the big soccer ball and she immediately went to the cabinet where it was located.  But she couldn't remember which door so I told her the left one and she tried opening the right door with her left hand before I corrected myself, "No, I mean, the left door."  I'm just impressed by how much she can communicate and how much she knows. 

Here are a few of our conversations:

 <I picked up my dolls from Japan and handed them to her>
Me: Now, Baby, there is a boy and a girl.  Guess which one is which.
Baby: <points to the girl> Girl.  <points to boy> Boy
Me: Wow, you're good.  Is Mommy a girl or a boy?
Baby: Girl!
Me: Is Daddy a girl or a boy?
Baby: Boy!
Me: What about your cousin?
Baby: <thinks for a moment> Her is a girl!
Me: Her?
Sister: She uses all her pronouns correctly but she won't fix that one.

<We line up three little dolls from Japan and admire them>
Me: How many dolls are there?
Baby: One, two, three, Four!
Sister: She still hasn't learned how to count objects yet.  Baby, put your finger on it as you count it.

<Baby sees a penny. She picks it up and holds it up to my face>
Baby: MONEY!
<Later, she is playing with my markers and finds an entire pile of pennies>
Me: You can have as much money as you can count.  (She only got through four pennies)

Me: Baby, what's your favorite movie?
Baby: Pocahontas!
Sister: Huh? But Baby, you've never seen Pocahontas.
Me: Hahaha.  You're always a surprise, Baby. 

Sister: Baby, thank Erin for letting you play with her markers.
Baby: Erin, thank you for letting me play with your markets.
Sister: Did you notice how perfectly she fixed those pronouns?
Me: Yeah, that's really impressive.
Baby had a pink and purple hand after playing with my markers

Picture of me taken by Baby.  I didn't realize she was taking pictures.

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