Monday, June 24, 2013

Keep Your Day Job

I've been cleaning bellows today in my lab.  It's tiring and menial and somehow very satisfying.  The choice of music?


Yep, it's like the color except with a few more e's.  (One e for every band member)

I just have to give a shout out to this band.  I've liked their music for a while now.  They are upbeat and have a lot of good messages and somewhat quirky songs.  

But here's the best part: the identity of the band members is completely unknown.


In order to protect their alternate careers as ...

wait for it...


They didn't want their rocker status to affect their chances of passing the dental exam. However, once they all passed their exams and were full practicing dentists, they decided to continue not to reveal their identities because hey!  why not?

Nerdy Clark Kent types who moonlight as rockstars?  Just the thought of it and I break out in a peal of laughter.  I love it.  It's absolutely awesome.  Can you imagine all of the backpedal lame excuses these men have to give when their patients innocently ask, for conversation's sake, if they have any plans for the weekend?

"There's an exciting 'Teeth: the complete History' 12 hour documentary on this weekend."
"A new volume of the Dental Association's Journal just came out and I'm dying to read it."
"There is a seminar on new teeth cleaning methods."
"I have to wash my hair."

So, next time you think your dentist is just a little too much into his job, just remember: he could actually be saving the world in his spare time.

Isn't one of their latest music videos so apropos?  

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