Friday, June 14, 2013

Something to Mull Over

Last night, I had a dream that I met a person was defending his house.  It was really just a small house with only a few rooms, and it was pretty old but it was a house.  Anyway, these people were attacking the man and he was fending them off.  He was already quite bruised and bleeding from the fight and as it went on, he fell more often and it took him longer to get up.  Then, finally, he put his hands up and called defeat.  The attackers took him at his word that he would leave and I ran over to help him up.  He thanked me for helping him and then I asked him why he gave up.  He told me, "What I was defending was not the worth the price I was paying to defend it."  He then showed me the house - there was nothing in it, no one he was protecting from the defenders.  Sure, it's a house and that's a place to live and sure, it's land but when it came to losing his life over this empty building, he chose his life.  I promised myself I would remember his words and think about them once I woke up.  So I did.

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