Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jelly: A Love Story

I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Not my favorite meal by any means but there are times when nothing suits better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  And I must say, I am continually amazed that out of all the foods that I ate a lot as a childhood, this is one that I'm not sick of yet.

Yesterday, I was going to choir practice and needed something to eat.  My carpool friend kept insisting on finding a use for his apple so we cut them up and put them in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  (He insists this is a great way to eat apples)  At some point during our car ride to choir, an apple piece fell out onto my lap.  When I picked it up, I noticed the apple piece had left a trail of jelly down my shirt and on my pants.  Spilling food on oneself is embarrassing enough as it is.  With some food, however, usually people are understanding.  I mean, with spaghetti sauce everyone is usually pretty understanding - "I do that too.  You're wearing a white shirt.  Isn't there a rule that it's bound to happen?" But with jelly?! I felt like a 3 year old who still was getting the concept of "food should be eaten, not worn" down.

I jumped out of the car to go get another friend for our carpool and met him laughing about the pink jelly on the front of my shirt.  As we walked back to my car, he stopped me, "Um....There's some jelly on your elbow."  I looked and discovered that when he said, "elbow" he actually meant "entire arm".  An entire line of jelly had formed down the length of the back of my arm, almost too straight to be quite by accident.  I walked back to my car and found that I didn't just have jelly on my arm, I had it ALL OVER MY SEAT!  It was smeared on my seat and my seatbelt. 

Now I know I can be a messy eater but I'm not that messy.  I could only come to one (albeit irrational) conclusion: Jelly really loves me.  Which is kind of sad since I personally like peanut better more.  But I guess we all get to be on the other side of unrequited love every so often - I just never expected it to be with my food. 

This story has a happy ending:

I got to choir needing a clothing change and went rifling through my car trunk for any spare clothes.  Aside from my lack of appropriate shoes (tennis shoes and socks) the shirt and skirt that I found amid the clothes my sister had wanted me to donate to Goodwill for her made a nice enough outfit that only those in my carpool ever knew I didn't purposely dress up for choir.  (Okay, yes, the shoes were also an indication)  It was nice to dress up for a change even if it was forced upon me.  

So, I've decided that I love jelly too.  But I love my sister (and her clothes) more.


  1. Funny! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Good story. Jelly loves you. Good to know.

  3. Were those my old clothes? Which ones? I hardly remember all of the things I had to get rid of in the makes me so sad. :(

  4. @Melanie, yep those were your clothes. A light blue shirt and your brown skirts with embroidery all over it. Any other clothes worth saving me from myself?

  5. I forgot about that skirt. It was a great one! This conversation just makes me miss home, and my big closet, and my RAV4, and having people call me on the telephone (yes, real phone calls on my real phone), and being able to bake, and fuzzy towels, and gyms that cost less than $150 a month and were within walking distance of my house. I think I could probably go on, but I'll stop there. Well, after I mention Crystal Light.