Thursday, July 28, 2011

Short and Sweet

I realized that I have a problem with being verbose.  I can talk on and on and on about something that should only take a few words to say.  Perhaps it's because it's because I haven't quite solidified my opinion.  Perhaps it's because I'm afraid to express an opinion.  Perhaps it's because my English struggles enough lately that I am still searching for the words to express my opinion in a way that would hopefully not be offensive to those who disagree.  (I am, after all and in spite of my best efforts, a people pleaser.)

So here's an exercise in brevity.

10 Words Or Less:

On Research:  Nothing significant yet - adviser pushing for graduation in June. 

On Femininity: I am who I am - and in everything still female.

On Wearing Makeup: It's still just me - I was hoping for something better. 

On Kpop: Sometimes it's so fake that it all just annoys me. 

On Super Junior: The sight of you makes me sick right now --- literally.

On Kdramas: Only your pretty cameras make you addicting - You're overly predictable.  

On Chinese (language): Recently, we've been close - let's stay that way.

On Japanese (language): Signing up for podcasts was a bad idea.

On Bundesliga: New season starts tomorrow - where can I watch games?

On Makoto Hasebe:  Google translate struggles, but at least awesomeness needs no translation. 

On Ward Choir: You take what I give and make it beautiful. 

On My Birthday: I am not ready to face it.  Time machine anyone?

On American Politics and the Economy:  I can't bear to watch but can't afford not to.

On Family:  Surprisingly, still surprised to discover how related we really are.

On Reading: Nothing quite feeding my soul lately - what am I missing?

On Marriage: It's a great idea - But how does one get there?

Jason Hakka: Short and sweet
 Alexis: The sweetest little shortie

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  1. Kpop is getting bashed left and right lately. Not that they don't deserve it.