Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Awkwardness can be good for the soul

Once upon a time, I had a friend who decided to bring apples to a breakfast that my roommate and I made for him.  He brought red delicious apples.  It was a very, very kind gesture and I was really grateful.  I searched exactly for the right words to express my feelings.
Me: (thoughts) Thank you so much for the apples!  What a nice thought!
Me: (words) (yes, actually what I said): I think red delicious apples are the grossest apples in the whole world!

My roommate stared at me, aghast.  I stared at my friend in shock and then clapped my hand over my mouth.  Did what I had just heard coming from my mouth really just come from my mouth?  It was true.  I don't know how I got out of that horrible situation.  But I'm still alive and the last time I saw that friend, he greeted me warmly.  I guess I managed.   

It is exactly on this subject - awkwardness - that I would like to discuss.  As you can tell from the example above and so very many others, I am what I would classify a verbally awkward (VA) person.  One of my sisters who claims that she lives a very awkward life (her words not mine - I'm not classifying my siblings out of turn), I would classify a situationally awkward (SA) person. 

It has recently come to my attention that some persons in this world - I will not use names because I do not know names (ah, the virtues of anonymity in the cyber world) - think that when certain persons (namely myself) smile or even laugh at the hilarity of the awkwardness at others, that this can be construed as a bad thing. 

Take, for instance, a post I put up about the awkward pictures of Shinji Okazaki while he plays soccer.  (Definitely an SA.   Maya Yoshida on the other hand definitely a VA)  I have yet to see a good picture of Okazaki while playing soccer.  I think the world of soccer must just have some photographers with impeccable timing.  Do I smile when I see awkward pictures of soccer players?  Yes.  Sometimes, I even laugh.  (Let's be honest - most times I laugh)

So, what of it?

I present for your perusal 4 examples:

1. Lee Min Ho (VA): "Thanks for letting me happy birthday.  Today, let's celebrate your birthday too" 
Can't take a bad picture to save his life (Believe me - I've looked) A great actor and a good singer.  He is kind and friendly and he has over 3 million fans on Facebook.  Awkward English tweeter

2. Jung Yunho (SA)
 Singer, dancer and leader of one of the most successful Asian boy bands, TVXQ.  He trained in destitute circumstances so that he wouldn't be a burden to his parents.  No matter what he wears, even if on anyone else it would look hideous, he looks good.  He also acts, plays sports and even ice skates.  Awkward puppy holder

3. Hasebe Makoto (SA)
Soccer player, Unicef supporter, bestselling book author and devoted uncle.  Captain of the Japanese National team, he led his team to a top 16 finish in the World Cup and an Asian Cup championship.  He is known for his discipline and dedication and team loyalty.  He helped organize multiple charity events to bring in support and help for the victims of the Japan tsunami disaster.  Awkward model (in the men's bathroom - ほんとに)

4. Cho Kyuhyun (SA)
Maknae on Top, Kyuhyun's good looks and exceptional voice (I have yet to hear him make a mistake) make his elders in the Asian pop sensation Super Junior jealous.  Kyuhyun is well known for his dedication to his music and for surviving a horrible car accident not long after joining the group.  He loves gaming and is constantly surprised and impressed to discover that he has fans.  What is he not awkward at? 

Presented here is the elite and exclusive IGA club. See?  A little awkwardness never hurt anyone.  It makes for a good story.  And it helps us all realize we're all human.

So embrace your inner awkward.  I'll love you all the more for it. 

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  1. Yes!!!! This post made my night. Thank you. I laughed at every sentence. Seriously. Awkwardly in the hall (SA) (Except my friend is sitting with me to help me feel less awkward).