Friday, March 16, 2012

Dewdrops of Anticipation

I have this random loosely-based theory that one reason why Korean dramas will not hit mainstream in the US is because of their very interesting and slightly ridiculous titles.

Every time I tell a friend about one of the dramas I'm watching, I sometimes leave out the title altogether because it usually always results in my friend bursting into laughter. "You're watching what?" "What does that even mean?" "That sounds like a harlequin romance novel."

With this theory in mind, I decided to compare the titles to popular shows and movies in America and went away feeling that we come up with just as crazy of titles. However, I returned home and told my roommates my theory.

Roommate: Are you kidding me? Korean drama titles are not like American movie titles. Boys over Flowers? What does that even mean? It makes no sense at all.

My other roommate nodded in agreement.

Here's some of our favorite non-sense titles:

Flower Boy Ramen Shop - yeah, I know - it sounds we used a random word generator

Shut Up Flower Boy Band - again, what's up with the random word generator?

Beethoven Virus - a new strain of the flu?

City Hunter - sounds like a travel show and not about revenge

Heading to the Ground - "It sounds ridiculous. Even knowing it's about soccer, I have no idea what they really mean"
I Need a Fairy - Don't we all?

Me Too, Flower - Me Three, Pine tree

Shining Inheritance - for some reason I always imagine a blindingly shiny pile of gold
When Women Powder Twice - is this about understanding women or a Hitchcock thriller?

You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly - Rolled in what unexpectedly?

What are your favorite titles?

In case you're wondering, I haven't watched all of these dramas listed.

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