Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brewing Thoughts

I have a lot of serious things on my mind so while I mull over them, let's peruse the superficial.

(1) I want to write a short story that includes my awkward experiences as a human being.  However, I have no idea where to begin.  Somehow, I feel that I would have to be a literary genius such that the full glory of my awkward life is exhibited while remaining entertaining.  Any ideas?

(2) A few weeks ago, the JNT played a friendly against Norway.  Despite the fact that most of the first team was not in attendance, I was surprised to find that I recognized and still knew most of the team.  Realizing that I knew so much about a team that I have no real connections to, I decided that I should show a little more hometown loyalty and so I dutifully looked up the USMNT to find out if I could attend a game and show my support.  Instead, I came to the conclusion that it has been too long since USA has played Japan. Their last showdown was six years in San Francisco and, incidentally, the debut of Makoto Hasebe.  I think it's time for a rematch.  In DC please - I have never watched my Samurais play live and I would love the opportunity to wear blue and scream their names and wring my hands in desperation as I hope for a win.

(3) Kato works again!  Yesterday, when I went to pick up his new battery, I accidentally said "Wolfsburg" the German way before correcting myself and repeating it like an American would. The auto store clerk took it in stride but my friends and I laughed at my mistake the rest of the night.  It's good to have my sidekick with me again, even if I live in fear that any minute he's going to break again.

(4) This weekend, I spent a considerable amount of time with my friend and her fiance.  On Friday, we picked up a friend from the airport and then returned home to go running and then watch a movie about Steve Prefontaine.  On Sunday, we put together 80 invitations and ate dinner.  It was during the dinner - nothing more than leftovers from other meals - that I realized how much my friend's life is changing.  In a few months, I will eat a meal at that same table and watch those two laugh and chat and enjoy each other but they will be married, not just dating.  I couldn't be happier for them.

(5) Makoto Hasebe has been looking so happy and at peace in pictures on his blog and on the soccer websites.  Any guesses as to why?  I'm pretty curious.
I've never seem him like this at a
press conference before
Source: Tumblr
Photo Credit: Koko NAGAHAMA
(6) I found this on the sidewalk last week:
My thoughts immediately went to the Korean boy band, Trax ,which boasts such hits as "Oh, My Goddess" and "Blind".  It next went to the transit system in Utah.  It wasn't until I googled Trax that I discovered that it was mostly likely a nod to the club that Dave Matthews Band used to frequent.  It closed in 2001, making that sidewalk at least 10 years old.

(7) While out walking the other day, I walked past this fashion statement:
Is this for real?  Do people really wear seafoam green pants with plaid shirts?  Or is this just a UVa thing?

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