Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Stick a feather in my hat.  I think myself clever at times.

Today in English class, we briefly, ever so briefly covered limericks in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day.  In fact, I was so tickled over the prospect that I wrote a limerick for my weekly postcard to Hasebe-san.  My brilliant poem though would have to be put aside because I later realized that Europe still hasn't switched to Daylight Savings and won't for almost 2 weeks.

Alas.  My genius must not be wasted so here is that limerick and others that I have written for various friends over the years.

For Hasebe-san: 

There once was a man from Nihon
Who liked to talk on the phone
  He found it odd that a day
  Could take an hour away
But make him feel closer to home.  

Written after a glorious trip with friends to Moab:

There once was a girl named Erin
Who liked to follow the cairns. 
  To the arches she'd go,
  Which way she didn't know, 
Only to get lost in the barrens.

There once was a boy named Robbie 
Who liked to take pictures as a hobby, 
   Every sign he would see, 
   Every flower rock and tree, 
Every car, every hotel, and lobby.

There was one a man named Jay, 
Who liked to hike all day 
  But when he found the need, 
  For his magical octagon he'd plead, 
And then he'd be whisked far away.

Melinda once wanted to know, 
If a strong wind were to blow, 
  How fast would I need
  For my auto to speed 
In order to avoid a tow?

Written after a glorious water fight: 

There once was a fellow named Justin
Who liked to get water balloons and bust 'em
  On his friends they would spray;
  But they'd make him pay
Such is the demise of dear Justin

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