Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pop Quiz

I always wanted to know what would happen if I were to walk into a test and take it without studying for it.

Would I pass?  How much latent knowledge do I have stored in my brain?

Today, I had that experience.  I took a quiz on a subject that I have never studied.

The result?

Once I got over the euphoria of doing something I'd always dreamed of doing but never done that is....

I wanted to kick myself.  At one point, I knew some if not most of the answers to that quiz.  How I wished  that I had just glanced over my (nonexistent) notes.  I also fell for the same trick that I always do; I think that if the question it straightforward, then it's because I misunderstood it.  For some reason, I have come to the conclusion that all professors are trying to trick me into guessing the wrong answer. I over analyzed everything and completely choose the wrong answer.  In a word: FAILURE.

Next time, I should just go with my gut feeling.  It turns out my gut feeling was correct more often than not.


  1. Same same. Even in life. That's why I question everything and I'm convinced I know nothing and google the simplest questions to avoid looking stupid.

    1. My life in a nutshell is me not going with my gut feeling and instead confusing myself with my crazy overanalysis by my brain.