Friday, June 8, 2012

Auf Wiedersehen

Dear Hasebe Kato-san AKA Guai Guai AKA Makoto-son AKA Kates AKA Hasebe Car,

Mein liebling auto, oh, how I love you.  I loved all our road trips  and the late night drives.  I loved that you smelled like crayons.  I loved that you were from Wolfsburg.  I loved your quirks - that you panicked if I didn't say goodnight, that you panicked at the sight of snow, that you panicked if I got in the car and sat for too long before turning the key.  You were such a chum - you never cared if I listened to Asian music or musical music or American music or no music.  You didn't mind if I screamed out my frustrations or cheered from happiness.  You always got me back home safely, no matter how tired I was or how bad the roads were.  We were like a team, Kato dear, and now you are gone.  And I am missing you.  I know a person shouldn't love inanimate objects but I can't help it - you were the trusted sidekick I needed to get me through the past few years of graduate school.  Sure, you took all my money and abandoned me for the last final push of school but it doesn't even matter anymore.  I'll just remember the good stuff.


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