Thursday, June 14, 2012

Super Mario

I have been pretty excited about the Euro Cup.  Not only would it be a chance for me to actually watch a soccer game, but it would be a lot of those players I've become familiar with while keeping tabs on the Bundesliga.

The Euro Cup started last Friday and sadly, I've been a little distracted since my Samurais have had three games and so I have been busy trying to keep up on all the World Cup Qualifying Games in Asia.  I'm thrilled that my Samurai Blues are at the top of their table but also happy to find Koo and Co. leading theirs as well.  Now that that's up, with a sudden silence and dearth of information regarding anything soccer related coming out of Japan, I've had time to focus my energies on the Euro Cup.

The funny thing is, I need to pick a team.  I assumed I would just go with Germany since I love their national league.  However, the problem with Germany though is that the team is composed mostly of men from Bayern Munich, which is a team that I spend most of my time cheering against.  

When it comes down to it I do like Germany.  And deep down, I hope and think they can win it all.  

However, I need another team.  I went searching and landed on one of my favorite players from my Bundesliga team.
Source: UEFA website
Mario Mandzukic.  I just love this kid.  I love him so much that even though I don't know anything else about his team, I'm cheering for Croatia.  They beat Ireland the other day and just tied in a game with Italy.  They have a really tough battle against Spain still ahead.

And guess what?  Mandzukic is tied with Gomez (Germany) and Dzagoev (Russia) for leading the scoring in this tournament thus far.  Woo hoo!

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