Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Moral

Look before you leap.

I learned this today.  I went on a hike with my friends on the Rivanna River Trail.  It was a part that was once a Forestry nursery back in the 1930s and it was beautiful and very interesting.

When we were almost back to car, I noticed a big stretch of gorgeous green grass and so I spontaneously threw off my backpack and laid down on the grass.

But it wasn't as soft as I imagined.  In fact, it kind of pricked me.  So I sat up and felt around on the grass, trying to figure out why it prickled.  I noticed a bug curled up with all its stingy feelers sticking out.  With a sigh and my impulsiveness, I picked up my bag and walked back to the car.  A friend followed, having thoroughly enjoyed his stint on the grass.  I noticed a red mark forming on my wrist.  My wrist started to throb and pain shot up my arm.  I looked down my arm and realized I had several blotchy marks forming.  One of my friends laughed a little, "You contracted leprosy!"  The white blotchy marks continued to swell.  And then little dark marks appeared in them.  We looked it up, realized it was just a centipede bite (or several of them) and that it wasn't dangerous - it would just hurt and swell.  So I went home and washed my arm.  They say to use cold for swelling and heat for pain.  I have both so I'm not sure which one to use or if they would counteract.  In any case, I'll live.  But I have a good story and a lesson learned.

It was a fun day anyway.

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