Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Much?

This weekend was a weekend with the niece.  I don't know how her mother doesn't stop laughing because the Niece is hilarious.

For one, she's very agreeable even when she shouldn't be.
Sister: Baby, do you  remember Erin teaching you particle physics?
Baby: <nods her head>
Me: Baby, do you remember the stock market crash in 1929?
Baby: <nods her head> Yep, in '29.

But she's smart enough to catch on to our games.
Me: Do you remember the invention of electricity?
Baby: No
Me: Do you remember the invention of indoor plumbing?
Baby: No
Me: Do you remember the invention of the internet?
Baby: No

Secondly, her favorite number is two.  I don't know if it is her actual favorite number but if you ask her a "How many" question, her go-to answer is two.
Me: Baby, how many belly buttons do you have?
Baby: Two!
Me: No, count your belly buttons.  How many do you have?
Baby: <holds up one finger> Five!
Me: No, you have one belly button.  One!

Of course, this backfired on me, as it usually does.
<Later, during Sunday school>
Me: Baby, can you give me one <hold up one finger> cracker?
Baby: I have one belly button!
<She lifts up her dress to show off her belly button>
Baby: Look, one!  Belly button!  Belly button!  Belly button!
<I just put my head down and laughed.  One of my sisters had to jump in and say, "Yes, that's your belly button" or she would have continued talking about it>

Third, Baby hasn't quite figured out colors but she certainly tries.
Me: What color is this ball?
Baby: Blue!
Me: Good job!  What color is my phone?
Baby: Pur...Pink!
Me: No, it's orange.

Fourth, she has some definite opinions.
Baby: Sarah!  You, me, outside, now!

Sister: Where's Sarah?
Baby: <points at Sarah>
Sister: Where's Erin?
Baby: <points at Erin>
Sister: Where's your cousin?
Baby: No cousin!

Baby: Cookie!
Sister: Do you know the name of this cookie?
Baby: <eats the Oreo completely unconcerned with its name>
Sister: It's called an Oreo.
Baby: NOT Oreo!
(Oreo is the name of my sister's cat)

And last, she gets excited over the littlest things.
Baby: Wallet?
<I hand her my wallet.  She starts taking things out of it>
Me: Why don't you look for Wookie?
Baby: I finding Wookie.  I finding Wookie.  <she searches through my wallet for the super junior card>
Baby: Wookie!  I finded Wookie!  I finded Wookie!



  2. She doesn't know anyone else from Suju though. If you ever have any credit card sized photos you'd like to donate to the cause, send them along.

    She also has no idea who I am apparently. I showed her my license and student ID and she thought one of them was a girl and one of them was a boy. She kept saying, "Mommy" to one and "Daddy" to the other.

    You should have seen her when she found a nickel in my wallet. She held it up and danced while singing, "Money! Money! Money!" When I was cleaning my room and found a nickel, I started laughing and wished I was one again and that a nickel was that magical.