Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

Do you remember when I had weird dreams?  And scary dreams?  And boring dreams?  That's nothing compared to my latest stint in sleep adventures.

Yesterday, after work, I went home, intending to go running and instead I fell asleep.  And had some weird dream that I couldn't clearly remember when I woke up.

BUT I did remember the commercials that my brain took from my dreams.  That's right.  My brain took a break from my scheduled dream (which involved me being chased by something, I'm pretty sure of it) to give me an ad for men's razors.  Later on, a different ad came on for diaper rash cream (it was actually a commercial with world-saving snails who needed their days saved with the cream - don't ask me why it was snails).

I woke up shaking my head in disbelief not only at the advertisements but for the fact that my subconscious didn't even get the target audience right.

Seriously, brain.  What are you thinking?

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