Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In a Manor of Speaking


I'd say it's stretching it to call the Clubhouse of the apartment complex a "manor".

Seriously, though, I never realized that it was common to mix up "manner" and "manor" until I saw this sign and laughingly showed this picture to a friend, who proceeded to tell me all sorts of stories about its misuse.

Also, yesterday, while at the grocery store, I was contemplating getting a watermelon and looking at some expensive organic ones when Pretty Boy looked at me and asked for his bottle, pronounced "Ba..chm"  (The chm is more like a nose/throat noise) (It's ridiculously hard to copy.  Where does he learn these phonemes?)  I gave him a weird look, asked his mom why he would be asking for it in the grocery store - he only gets them right before bed - and walked away to go pick out a non-organic, cheaper watermelon.  Upon returning, with the small basketball sized personal watermelon tucked under my arm, Pretty Boy's eyes lit up and he asked for his bottle again.  I looked down at the watermelon when he said it again.  And that's when I realized he was saying "Ba"  (no chm) which is his word for ball.  Hahaha.    When I put it down next to him later, he was shocked to find it too heavy to pick up.

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