Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Second of July

It's hot outside, and humid.

Last night, when I went outside to go to the gym, the usual blast of hot, humid air hit me.  In the distance, a truck played Fur Elise.  "Oh, it's the garbage truck!"  I braced myself for the smell of refuse and people to emerge from their houses to form large, boisterous masses along the roadway.  But no one appeared; the parking lot was starkly empty for 9:30, but still the truck played its music and I found myself humming along in the same annoying tone.  Then I stopped myself.  "This is not Taiwan.  That's not the garbage truck."  It was probably an ice cream truck, right?  I burst out laughing.

My roommate and I recently watched Gattaca, which was a first for me.  I've been wanting to watch it since they showed a clip in my Film class at BYU but never sat down to watch it.  At the end, my roommate and I wanted some explanation on the ending so we googled it and found some arguments - some of which we outright disagreed with, some of which we were willing to consider, and one which made us laugh out right.  "I have no idea what that movie was about.  I never could figure it out."

At lunch the other day (a rare treat of 紅燒牛肉麵) there were some guys discussing something that caught my attention.  "Oh, we figured out our professor is Mormon.  He's never told us, of course, but we know he is a pretty serious one because he never wears short sleeves or shorts."  I chuckled into my bowl of soup and texted my Mormon professor friend who rarely wears short sleeves and shorts never.  "Is this you?"  I asked.  He responded, "It's cold in my building!  Of course I don't wear short sleeves.  But there is another professor who also never wears short sleeves and he's atheist and another professor who I have also never seen in short sleeves and I'm pretty sure he's baptist."

Today, while helping Pretty Boy get ready for bed, I was noticing he had a scratch on his face and asked his mom about it.  "When did he get scratched?"  Pretty Boy looked at me and smiled and said, "Scratches."  I looked at his grinning face with his dimples and just bathed messy hair and burst out laughing.  "Did he just say 'scratches'?"  His mother nodded, "That's what is sounded like to me."  But with me laughing he quickly turned to crying and wouldn't stop.  Oops.

Also, here are some clips that made my day.

Go to 1:00: That moment when Hasebe-san realizes he doesn't actually know the motions (or the words) is exactly how I feel in primary class every week. (FNNnews)

Lee Dong Wook and Park Bom lip sync to Frozen.  Except they're not in a moving car so you're not worried about them crashing and Wookie has no idea what the lyrics are.  (Dramafever)

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