Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Without Words

Two poems: 

The world is less today
                    than it was yesterday.  

              there was laughter and hope and life.             
        there is grieving and sorrow.  No words 
           can express how much a loved one matters, 
can express how much a loved one matters to a loved one.

Tomorrow, tomorrows after tomorrow, the world will be more.

Just not today.  

~ EM Reed

I think that feelings are rather like balloons.  
You can sense them growing and growing inside your heart,
With a breath, it's filled the cavity in your chest,
And another, adrenaline bursts through your veins, 
Expanding, expanding until Boom! 

However, a heart will not burst even if it breaks.  
In the void of joy, grief rushes in, 
Filling in all the spaces until you're overwhelmed.

In time, the joy will return, and fill places of the heart that did not exist
Before the grief stretched it and expanded it.  
~ EM Reed

I am sorry for the loss of my friends' parents today.  My prayers are with you.  

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  1. That first poem especially is really really good.