Monday, July 7, 2014


Me: It is hard to deal with a three year-old who thinks she's correct.
Baby: I AM correct.
Sister: Do you even know what 'correct' means?
Baby: It means that things match.

Me: I've always wanted to go to Seattle.
Baby: My mommy's been to Seattle
Sister: No, she hasn't.
Baby: Yes!  She has!
Sister: Well, fine, we can ask your mother when we see her.
Baby: And she will say 'Yes'!  ... or 'No'
Sister: Haha, yes, she will.
Baby: But she'll probably say 'Yes'

Baby: No, I don't want to wear a shirt under my dress.
Sister: You really need to.
Baby: The cold never bothered me anyway.

Sister: When you see your cousin, you need to give her a gentle hug
Baby: How do I give a gentle hug?
Sister explains.
Baby: Mommy, I don't think that I will be able to give gentle hugs.  That just sounds too difficult to me.

Sister: <reading book to Gwiyomi>
Gwiyomi puts her finger to her lips.  Shhh!
Sister: Oh, did you want me to stop reading?
Other Sister: No, that's the next line of the book.  It ends in 'hush'
Sister: Ohhhh!

This weekend, Gwiyomi's parents showed us a funny trick that their daughter does.  They have two oven mitts that are animals - one is an alligator and one is something else that I forget - but if you put them on Gwiyomi's hands (and arms - they go up to her elbows), she'll chase you around the house with her arms outstretched, lumbering around on her little legs and roaring like a zombie.  It is the cutest/most hilarious thing ever.  I don't think we ever tired of that game.

Gwiyomi also LOVES animals. and boys.  But this is about her love of animals.  She has a puzzle with jungle animals on it and she was SO excited when I handed her a piece to put in the puzzle such as the elephant or the lion.  She even congratulated herself with claps and cheers when she puts it all together (albeit completely wrong).  That's ok, Gwiyomi.  Pat yourself on the back.  A for Effort.

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