Sunday, July 20, 2014


Some recent conversations in my life:

Baby: I like your water bottle.  Can I borrow it?
Me: No, sorry.  I'm actually borrowing that water bottle from a friend.  I can't lend it to you.
Baby:  <smiling> Can I keep it?
Me: Hahaha, no sorry.
Baby: <laughing> Can I steal it?
Sister: She's quite proud of herself for learning what these words mean.

Me: Maybe you need an Aaron to be a spokesperson for you.  (referencing Moses)
Friend: Have you ever met a technical person as good with words as I am?
Me: Oh yeah, good point.

Judy and Berlin are singing church children's songs: Hello (Jello), Popcorn Popping, You've Had a Birthday, etc.
Me: You two have learned so many songs in Primary!  Do you sing any songs about Jesus?
Judy and Berlin: Noooo

After acting out the story of Ruth and Boaz, in which my two students acted out getting engaged to each other
S: <joking> I totally have a huge crush on J.
J: <embarrassed> I don't want to marry a girl who is taller than I am.  S, come over here, how tall are you?
P: I have a crush on three people: Me, Myself and I.

P: When a girl asks me to go to prom one day, I'm going to tell her, 'sorry, I'm already taking my mom.'
(Which is so cute from a 10 year old boy but I have a feeling he'll change his tune when he's 17.)

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