Thursday, July 17, 2014

Go Hoos

Pretty Boy's dad likes to make animal noises for his son.  For some reason, Pretty Boy really started latching onto the sound the owl makes and so for a couple of weeks, he and I would share, "hoo, hoo, hoo" across the table from each other until one or both of us - usually both of us - burst out laughing.

I wasn't content to just let it go at that so I started to encourage him, "Wahoowa," I would say after our "hoo" exchanges.  I did this for a few weeks.  Then, one day, he repeated it.  His mother overheard, was overjoyed and has been trying to get it on camera ever since.

I proudly told his Lovey (grandmother) that Pretty Boy now said "Wahoowa" and when she heard him, she was so happy for him that Pretty Boy just soaked in the attention.  (She also immediately tried to get him to say, "Hokies" but that's a different discussion entirely)

I state this on my blog because I consider this one of my finest accomplishments in being Pretty Boy's friend.  His parents already hold three degrees from UVa between the two of them and soon (ish) they will hold four.  I only thought it fitting that their baby show his Cavalier pride.

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