Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lousy Wednesday/Sweet Thursday

I've always relied on Steinbeck to make it through a week.  Sadly, my day has started out as anything but...

As a result, I'm going to share some things that make me smile.  These are not things that bring me genuine joy. They're pretty mindless.  However, my thoughts are driving me crazy so mind-numbing can be a good thing.  We're in survival mode.

(1) Samurai Blue funny soccer pictures (all pictures from Tumblr)
I'm not sure if Makoto is trying to wash his hair or check
for lice.  But he's pretty excited about it.  
Random assortment of arms, legs and bodies with Atsuto
just sitting happily on top.  
Umm... Havenaar-san, you have three arms.  
Hugging it out always works best.
(2) Peppy Kpop music: Again, no promises for much depth

I have no idea what a Bling Girl is supposed to mean in this context but it's a happy song.

I love that the Korean  "Why"  in English is transliterated as "Wait Yo!"  Somehow those two very similar sounding sounds have wildly different meanings.  And yet ZE.A seems completely happy with this inconsistency.

It turns out these 15 seconds are the best 15 seconds of the entire song.  I love the dance step starting at 0:09.  My sister thinks it's unimpressive but it reminds me of my dreams of tap dancing so I watch it over and over and over.  And also, put any other man in a sleeveless button up and a weird bejeweled vest and I'd think, "What were you thinking?!" but looking at it, I just think, "Oh hey, it's Yunho!"  IGA VP all the way.

Jonghyun and Minhyuk.  I adore these kids.

(3) Puddle Jumping.  With all the rain lately, it's been nice to go outside and jump around in the puddles.  Childish?  Maybe.  Satisfying?  Absolutely!

Hold on, 黎姐妹.  You'll make it yet.

Here's hoping that all of you have a sweet(er) Thursday.

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