Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slip of the Tongue

Me: Oh hey, it's Wasbash.  Didn't we need to turn on Wabash?  Wait, no, we need to turn on Madison.
Sister: You mean Monroe?
Me: Whatever.  They're all Presidents...except for Wabash.

Lady: What's your major?
Me: Umm...well.  I'm actually a PhD student, getting my degree in Aerospace Engineering.
Lady: What year are you in?  
Me: I'm in my sixth year.
Lady: <looking at me like I'm an idiot> PhDs only take 3-4 years.
Me:  Well, some of us take a little longer.  

Inspector: There's a Laser sign on the door.  We can't get in there.
Me: No it's ok.  You can just knock; oops, wrong Japanese person --  Toshi will let you in. 

 Me, talking to my sister: Alexis must think I am so annoying right now.  
Grandma, talking to someone else: Yes, yes, she really does.  
USPS Man: What kind of stamps do you want?
Me: Not Forever stamps please! 
USPS Man: They're all Forever stamps.  
Me: Oh, well, ones that have cool pictures on them.
<We look through the binder of different stamps>
Me: I'd like a sheet of the scientists.
USPS Man: Here you go.
<I look over the scientists>
Me: Wow, I feel like an idiot.  I'm a scientist and I've never heard of any of these people.
USPS Man: Well, just don't aspire to get on a stamp yourself...
Me: Really?
USPS Man: ...Because that would mean you were dead.  
Me: Oh, don't worry.  I have no such goals in life.  


  1. Funny thing...I bought stamps this week and also picked the scientists and upon reading them was also a little baffled that I had never before heard of them. I just shrugged though.

  2. I love the post office guy!!! Don't aspire to get on a stamp yourself....ha, ha, ha, ha!