Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nothing Gets Past Me

Today, my friend came over to help me plan and execute a trivia game.  She walked in to watch me attached to my computer screen, going through trivia questions while putting cake batter into cupcake pans.

Our conversation went something like this:

Friend: What are you listening to?
Me: The radio broadcast of Wolfsburg's game in German.  Do I understand German?  No.  Do I understand when they're talking about Hasebe?  Yes.  Do I understand what they're saying about Hasebe?  No.  

She looked from me to the computer with a screen full of Bundesliga and back again.  And then she laughed.

We hurriedly pulled together the activity as I sadly listened to and watched (via liveticker) my dear Wolves lose the game to 1899 Hoffenheim.

I returned hours later to see this...

"1:3 in Hoffenheim / Rot für Marwin Hitz"

What does 'rot' mean, I asked my roommates?  I google translated it: 'red'.  Marwin Hitz got a red card?!

And then I saw this:

 Source: Vfl Wolfsburg Seite
Is that what I think it is?!  Makoto wearing a goalie jersey and goalie gloves?!

Um.... I listened to that entire game!  I watched all of the updates!  How did I miss the red card?  How did I miss that Hasebe became a goalie? 

I'm still in disbelief and laughing over the crazy turn of events. 

I really really need to learn German. 


Dear Hasebe-san,

I'm sorry that you conceded a goal in your debut as a professional soccer goalie.  Here's hoping, though, that you went home and had a good laugh about how life turns out in ways that we never anticipate.  It's one grand adventure after another.

Source:, AFP Photo/Daniel Roland


  1. Hahaha. I like this. Cute little goalie gloves.

  2. Of course, can you really be sure? Maybe what they were really saying is that Hasebe has a cute twin brother who came onto the team. Maybe now you and Liz can each have a Hasebe man of your own!

  3. Can I be really sure that Hasebe played goalie? Yep, it was in the game report. The funniest part of this is how matter-of-fact everyone is about Hasebe playing goalie. As if it was an obvious choice given the other 9 men on the field. Which is hilarious given a picture where he comes up to the shoulder of another teammate. Why didn't they put the tallest guy in between the posts?