Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Way the Universe Bends

Real conversation yesterday with a friend:

I was walking and talking about how I don't really have a connection to Asia.  I'm not Asian.  I don't really keep up with people in Asia nor do I have any work-related ties there.

Friend: <trying to negate my comment> You saying that you don't have a connection to Asia is like saying there is no such thing as gravity.
Me: <staring at him in shock>  Gravity doesn't exist!  You know that!

I start laughing that he would dare use that argument with me.  He and I started laughing at his mistake.

Other friend: Wait!  What?  Why are you two laughing?  What is this about gravity not existing?

We explain to her how on Earth, for all intents and purposes, gravity does exist.  Newton's laws work and life is great. However, it isn't the entire picture.  "Gravity" is actually the phenomenon that we see due to the bends of the universe.

Friend: Well, this theory works better.  Perhaps in the reality of it, you don't have any reason to be connected to Asia.  However, the phenomenon is there just the same as this <he takes out a notebook and tosses it away from him where it falls to the ground>

Asia and gravity explained in a nutshell.

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