Friday, April 13, 2012

The Beverage For Adult Giraffes

A few weeks ago, I talked about soccer players and non-soccer product endorsement.  Apparently, Hasebe-san decided it was his turn to try his hand in advertisement for Kirin.  Kirin is a beverage company in Japan of similar size and prevalence as Coca-cola in the US.  (Google translates it as "giraffe", hence the title of this post)

The beverage?

Beer - like his teammate Nagatomo?  
Tea - the beverage of choice of all Japanese people?


大人のキリンレモン (Adult Kirin Lemon)

What is this drink?  It's a carbonated drink flavored with lemon and some amino acids that are intended to provide health benefits for adults.

Essentially, it's like the healthy (if carbonated drinks ever count as healthy) version of Sprite.

The ad?

"If you drink Kirin Lemon, your childhood dreams will come true."
Or "If you drink Kirin Lemon, a cartoon will give you his job."

Does it sell?

Seeing as how I might be a little biased, you tell me.

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  1. The word in Korean for giraffe is close to that too.