Friday, April 27, 2012

Good Friday

Dear Self,

Do you remember that one time when you forgot your lunch at home?  So you went home to eat and a package was waiting for you?  A package from Germany?  A package with a soccer ball in it?  A soccer ball that your favorite Bundesliga team signed?  A favorite team that included your favorite soccer player?

Remember that day?  Ha, how could you forget?


I used to laugh at Makoto's signature -
that is, until I saw his teammates'.
At least I know which scribble is his.  


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, yes it was. Such a great day!

  2. How did you get that? Did you order it or do you have a best friend in Germany?

  3. YOU are amazing Erin! How did you win it?

  4. I'm guessing you won it by writing a letter explaining how you are their biggest fan. Is that right?

  5. So this is how I won: I filled out a survey about the Bundesliga website and then somehow I won the drawing to get a soccer ball signed by my favorite team. The survey was funny though because it kept asking if I visited the site to keep up on the players from my country. Well, I know absolutely nothing about American soccer players in Germany but I do frequent the site to keep up on soccer players from Japan so every time they asked about "your country" I substituted in "Japan". I thought this was quite effective until they asked for my name and my address, neither of which have any origin in anything Japanese. Ah well, serves me right. The letters addressed to me called me Mr.